// Photos: an update on Ali

Last year’s Fast campaign focused on Ali and his family. His situation, like that of so many people in east Africa, was critical. The money you raised for the Fast has helped make a huge difference.

Ali, Mohamed and Hussein with their father, Mohamed, in the camp in Mogadishu.Not so long ago, Ali and his family walked 300km for 28 days to reach safety. One of Ali’s siblings died on the journey.

New hope

Thanks to your support, Ali and the rest of his family are now doing well. For the time being, they have no intentions of returning home while the situation there remains uncertain.

New business

Ali’s father, Mohamed, has started a small business. While we supported his family with food and shelter, he started working as a porter. He saved some money, which enabled him to buy a second-hand sewing machine. 

Brighter future

Thanks to Concern’s charity work in east Africa, Ali and his family now receive a monthly food voucher. They are happier now and the future looks brighter.


To see how your input has made a difference, take a look at the photo gallery below.

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Nice article, thanks for the

Nice article, thanks for the information.

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