// Rock on!

Check out our photos from the Concern Fastival 2010 launch. Ian Dempsey and Dylan are rocking their guitars to let everyone know that Concern Fastival is coming soon.

Breakfast time!Today FM’s Ian Dempsey and 5 year-old Dillon Shinbach, from Malahide

Today FM and the Irish Star newspaper are media partners for the Fastival. Ian Dempsey will be talking about everything that’s happening for the Fastival on the Breakfast Show throughout the month of November. This includes all the concerts, gigs and activities that will be taking place to support all the Fasters around the country. Don’t forget to let them know what you’re doing too.

Competition time!

Want to win a breakfast with Ian Dempsey? Email us on fast [at] concern [dot] net and put “TODAY FM” in the subject if you’d like to be in with a chance to win tickets to a special breakfast for the Concern Fastival with Ian Dempsey. (The breakfast will be held in Dublin!)

>> We recently launched Concern Fastival 2010 in Belfast too

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